Fully automatic feeding of the saw

If there is room for only one row of panels, we would recommend our manipulator. As a matter of course saws and storage in- and outputs can be integrated in the system.
According to customers demands storage lenghts up to 40 m are possible.




  • Increase in saw capacity
  • Supply of saw from 2 stacks without interruption, even while changing material
  • Damage excluded
  • Fast cycle time from 15 seconds/panel
  • Lowest possible gaps between stacks (from 70 mm) - best use of space
  • Panel separation control with weight measurement
  • Fully automatic operation (storage/removal) as well as loading of the saw
  • Flexible, priority-controlled processing of orders including dynamic preparation
  • All panel sizes dealable (1.5 to 5.6 m)
  • Special gripper programs for thin materials; from material thickness of 3 mm
  • Rotation of the panels by 90° (optional)
  • Inventory and statistic available at any time, including graphical representation
  • Low energy demand at high dynamic
  • Weight-optimized stable construction, flexible in design and size
  • Low headroom of the manipulator

The clever storage by Grundner is able to manage both single-variety
and chaotic ordered panel stacks.


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