Our area storage enables the intelligent and efficient storage of all kinds of panels. Depending on the size of the warehouse the storage and the stock removal can take place over several storage and removal yards. Moreover our area storage offers the option to define the storing positions according to number and type of the stored material.



  • 50 – 70 % space savings
  • Minimum distance between stacks (from 70 mm) – best use of space
  • Damage excluded
  • Panel separation control with weight measurement
  • Fully automatic operation (storage/removal) as well as feeding of the saw
  • Increase in saw capacity by 30 %
  • Uninterruptible supply of saw even with the change of material
  • Flexible, priority-controlled processing of orders including dynamic preparation
  • All formats of panels dealable (1,5 m to 5,6 m)
  • Special gripper programs for thin materials; from material thickness of 3 mm
  • Rotation of the panels 90° (optional)
  • Inventory and statistic available at any time, including graphical representation
  • Fast cycle time from 15 seconds/panel
  • Low energy demand at high dynamic
  • Automatic residual pieces return into storage (optional)
  • Weight-optimized stable construction, flexible in design and size
  • Low headroom of the manipulator

Storage systems of Grundner are optimally suitable for furniture manufacturers of any size, for producers of panels of different materials (such as chipboards, thin film panels, rear panels, styrofoam panels, gypsum cardboard boxes, Heraclitus plastic panels, formwork panels and much more) as well as for trading enterprises which sell these types of panels.

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