Our experience for your benefit

Simplifying operating processes – thus reducing costs – developing solutions together with the customer – customization

This is our business which we fulfill since years with a young, dynamic team.

From first scheduling to development and construction to the point of assembling and introduction of the operating personnel each project is an exciting challenge which we realize with pleasure.

Our employees are the most important implement. An avid and highly motivated, steady and well growing team respond with verve and high flexibility to each task.

With our logistic systems you increase capacity and profitability of your company. The human and organizational effort will be reduced to a minimum even with large panels and pattern diversity. Our warehouse system is suitable for a multiplicity of dimensions and materials.

Grundner logistic systems optimize your warehouse efficiency with ultra-modern computer-supported methods. The storage of the panels, removal, saw loading and residual pieces return take place PC controlled, fast and failsafe. Spatial conditions are used to optimum. Therefore you save time, storage space and consequently money. All in all a good deal.

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